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Client Feedback

“I’ve worked with countless writing agencies over the past 15 years, and Write Angle is at the top of my list.  Their ability to explain complex technical issues in simple-to-understand terms is critical in our industry.  Plus, their versatility in tackling everything from case studies to white papers, blogs, press releases and customer profiles for key market analyst reports allows us to work with a single agency we can rely on.  Equally important, Write Angle’s professionalism when engaging with customers and senior members of internal business units at Pure has instilled confidence that we’re in good hands.”

- Chuck Quigley,
  Customer Marketing, Pure Storage

“Write Angle has taken our content and writing to 11.”

- Robin Daniels,
  CMO, Vera

“A good editor can make a world of difference in improving the clarity, organization and impact of an eBook. I was fortunate to work with Peter Davé who did a superb job of tightening the narrative, reordering content and strengthening the voice of my new eBook, The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Transformation and Renewal. His writing skills and editorial direction are second to none.”

- Beatriz Infante,
  CEO and Managing Member, BusinessExcelleration

“Vidder needed a knock-out white paper knocked out in 24 hours. We’d heard about Write-Angle’s reputation and turned to them. What we got was impressive to say the least. Quality right on time and bang-on budget.”

- Brent Bilger,
  VP of Solutions Architecture Vidder, Inc.

“Peter and the Write Angle team are responsible for creating some of the most effective collateral pieces we offer our customers, prospects and partners. From media pitches to product briefs, white papers to sales tools, they are skilled in creating highly technical and business/solution-focused content, with relevant knowledge across a broad range of subjects, audience and industries.”

- Cari Jaquet,
  Former VP of Marketing with Sensage

“Write Angle put time back in my day.”

- Dana Torgersen,
  Product Marketing Manager McAfee, Inc.

“AppSense turned to Write Angle to create the written content for a major product launch. We needed three things: high-impact web copy, a data sheet that people would actually read and ‘get’ right away and a white-paper that captured the essence of who we are.Write Angle nailed all three.

They’re now one of our go-to resources.”

- David Burton,
  VP, Marketing Operations AppSense

“We engaged Peter Davé to develop entirely new content for our web site re-launch. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. In the words of our CEO, ‘This guy can really write. I got even more excited about our company’s positioning and messaging after reading the new copy.’”

- David Puglia,
  Chief Marketing Officer ENXSuite

“Write Angle is on our preferred vendor list for a reason. Their subject matter expertise and creativity are unparalleled. And their web copy writing chops are among the best we’ve ever seen. Plus, they’ve never met a deadline they couldn’t handle. If you want electrifying and dynamic web content, these are the go-to guys.”

- Deborah Wagner,
  Managing Partner StoryHat

“Working with Peter was both productive and fun. He has a sharp mind to distill complex technology marketing into simple and digestible chunks. Our marketing communications were stronger, punchier, and more effective with his oversight.”

- Gary Orenstein,
  Former VP of Marketing, Gear6

“Outsourcing strategic writing services requires a high degree of trust and confidence in the resources you select.

Our top go-to writer is Peter Davé. He possesses that elusive combination of technical depth, a mastery of messaging and a writing voice that is clear and convincing.

Plus, his responsiveness and ability to consistently beat deadlines makes him a cherished asset, especially for a fast moving environment like ours.”

- Jennifer Leggio,
  Dir. Corporate Communications Fortinet

“Stan DeVaughn is one of those rare writers who can cut any document in half and make it say twice as much.”

- Junaid Islam,
   Founder and CTO, Vidder

“Financial announcements can get complicated. Stan DeVaughn makes them clear.”

- Leslie Paulides,
  Former VP-Finance at NetApp

“Peter was indispensable in messaging and branding the Exploratorium’s Catalyst Campaign. Without hesitation, he jumped in with impeccable clarifying questions, navigated top-level strategic positioning, and worked seamlessly with the creative design team. His work was spot-on and delivered on schedule. He was a great addition to the team and I look forward to working with him again soon.”

- Megan Cayler,
  Senior Development Officer for Individual Giving Exploratorium

“Finding great writers who can produce compelling white papers, case studies, web content and solutions briefs – especially for complex technology like machine data analytics – is always a challenge. Fortunately, we engaged Write Angle’s content creation services. And the results have been stellar.”

- Puneet Pandit,
   CEO, Glassbeam

“Finding writers that combine great storytelling skills, technical depth and an unflinching ability to stare down killer deadlines is really tough. Fortunately for us, Write Angle’s Peter Davé is one of these rare finds. His ‘get it’ factor is uncanny and the quality of his work product is consistently outstanding.”

- Rick Popko,
  Public Relations Manager Fortinet

“Stan DeVaughn? Quick turnaround, quality content and no budget surprises.
 Can’t ask for anything more.”

- Robbie Forkish,
  SVP Engineering RedSeal Systems

“I never had endless iterations of product-PR content with Stan DeVaughn in the mix.
He got it right the first time.”

- Robert Hamilton,
  Product Marketing Director Symantec

“Sales and marketing materials must reflect the point of view of the customer, not the vendor. Customer-minded content is what Stan DeVaughn delivers.”

- Steve Schlumberger,
   VP Sales, ReVera Networks

“We engaged Write Angle and Peter Davé to develop a wide range of assets ranging from an extensive array of new web copy to highly strategic use cases. Write Angle proved to be integral to our marketing communications efforts that played a key role in influencing our recent acquisition by EMC. Peter’s writing style is energetic and engaging. Equally important, his storytelling skills adeptly deliver technical depth while making a strong business case. Peter has my highest recommendation as a top notch writing resource.”

- Teri Elniski,
  VP of Marketing, CloudScaling

“Finding versatile writers that deliver compelling white papers, informative case studies and web copy that hits the mark is hard to find–if not impossible–in this market. We’ve come to rely on Write Angle–and Peter Davé’s quality, speed and smarts–to work with our most demanding startup clients.”

- Tom Hogan,
  Partner Crowded Ocean