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Technology Writing Services That Are On Point, On Budget and On Time

White Papers

With a bigger “word budget”, white papers give you more runway to articulate market dynamics, customer problems and your innovative approach to satisfying their requirements. Our editors ensure these long shelf-life marketing tools are lucid, readable and technically precise.

Case Studies

The difference between case studies that become indispensable selling tools— and the ones that never get read — are those that put customers and ROI benefits front-and-center. We practice what we preach.

Thought Leadership

“Publish or perish” isn’t restricted to academia. Establishing thought-leadership status in your industry requires published, by-lined bodies of work that convey management’s domain expertise. And we’ve ghost-written plenty that do exactly that.

Marketing Collateral

Write Angle finesses collateral content making certain it sells and educates. We’ll complement your design team’s skills with invigorating copy that propels a call-to-action by your prospects and repeat customers.

Web Content

Arguably your most public-facing content of all, web copy is one of the most strategic marketing tools in your arsenal. That’s why we inject impact into every word to ensure this content is optimized for search engines. We deliver content as powerful as the algorithms that drive the crawlers.


Companies that actively blog report that their posts generate a 52% lower cost-per-lead than their other marketing-communications channels. We know your company has something important to say. And we can help you say it.

Press Releases

Turn all of your company’s announcements into irresistible news. As former reporters and editors, we understand what makes or kills a story.